My name is Yoo Jong-pil
and I am the mayor of Gwanak-gu.

Gwanak-gu is nestled in the southwestern part of Seoul Metropolitan City with a population of 520,000. Gwanak-gu is a livable and sustainable district, where humans and nature coexist in harmony. Seoul National University, Mt. Gwanak and Dorim Stream are also located here.

Gwanak-gu has just begun its journey to prosperity. Everyone will be able to greet a bright tomorrow in Gwanak-gu. The dreams of our children will brighten Gwanak-gu. Extensive job opportunities will improve economic and social vitality. Responsible and responsive public services will ensure the ultimate in convenience for citizens.

To fulfill these conditions, I believe that continuous investment in human resources is of great significance. I would like to make Gwanak-gu a heaven of libraries. A book is a rich repository for creativity and innovation and a library a beacon of wisdom. All citizens will live within 10 minutes walk of a library. I am confident that this library network will bring change to our life and pave the way for a better future.

I anticipate that people-oriented Gwanak-gu will be realized through your unstinted encouragement and cooperation.

With sincere thanks for your interest and affection, I wish you good luck and health.

Best regards.